What to do After Your Next Move

What to do After Your Next Move


Ask ten people for tips on what important tasks they should put on their to-do list after moving … and you’ll probably get 100 different answers!  That’s because there are always important things that need to be done.

Before You Move

In addition, there are some key responsibilities that you can do BEFORE you move … or at least get the ball rolling.  These include:

Advise Utility Companies. Let the utility companies in your new location know the date of your move so that they can be turned on. This includes the providers for electricity, gas, and water. A seamless transfer is the goal, so just having the billing department know that you will be responsible for payment on and after your move-in date may ensure that utilities are up and working when you move in.

Update your address with the United States Post Office. This can be done easily online so that your mail arrives at your new home on the date you specify.

Home Security. If you have a home security system, talk to your provider about transferring it to your new home. If you are leaving it as part of your house sale, then contact the company about getting a new system installed at your new home.

Pack an “essentials” box. Make sure that it includes those things that each member of the family will need right away at your new home. This should include toothpaste and toothbrushes, sheets and towels, and a change of clothes. Add a list of important phone numbers, medicines and vitamins, pet-related items, and work-related papers that you may need before you unpack.

After You Move

As soon as possible after your move-in,  here are some vital and some good-to-do tasks that will make your transition more comfortable and give you peace of mind.

Change the locks. Who knows how many extra sets of your house keys there are out there? Experts recommend that you arrange to have a locksmith come to your home as soon as possible to change the locks on the doors.  If you are handy, you can purchase new locks and do this task yourself.

Introduce yourself to the circuit breaker panel and shut-offs. For safety sake, it is important to know how to turn off the power and water to your home if an emergency arises. This includes your circuit breaker box (usually in the garage or basement) and the water, furnace, gas and/or oil and water heater shut-off valves.

With security comes peace of mind. Keep your family and home safe with a home security system. Call local providers and compare system features and pricing so you can arrange to have one installed soon after your move.

Update your license and auto registration(s). Not all states have the same regulations regarding updating license and registration after a move. Visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles or go online to determine the rules. You will need to update your license first before you can register your car and get new license plates, if necessary.

Update your voter registration. If there is an election within 60 days of your move, you can vote at your old polling place or mail in an absentee vote. Other elections will require you to register at least two weeks before the date of the election. You can often update your voter registration when you change your license. Be sure to ask at your town office or online at your town’s website.

Select new doctors and transfer medical records. Select a new primary care physician first and arrange to have your medical records from your old primary care physician transferred. According to HIPPA, your former doctor has up to a month to process your paperwork. There will be forms to fill out, and in some cases, fees to pay, so it is important to do this shortly after your move. Follow the same procedures for your dentist, eye doctor, and specialists.

Get to know your neighbors. The folks that live on either side of you, across the street, or down the road can be a wealth of information about your new location and the resources available to you. Plus … there is no time like now to make new acquaintances that may develop into best friends in the future.

Moving is never an easy task. Following these guidelines will help to ensure your move to a new home is as stress-free and smooth as it can be. If you have questions about what to do before, during, or after a move, call us at Ayer Moving at 1-800-233-MOVE (6683) or email us.