Local & Interstate Moves

Local & Interstate Moves

Local & Interstate Residential Movers #wemoveyouright

Local and Interstate Residential Moves

Whether you’re moves are across town or across the country, Ayer Moving and Storage understands that our objective is to give you smooth and stress-free moves.  We ensure that your moves are organized, timely, and most of all safe.

All our moves begin with Pre-Move Counseling.

This includes an in-depth meeting where we’ll walk you through the entire moving process and help you plan your move.  We’ll give you some money-saving tips and lead you through the sometimes confusing insurance issue.

Questions, Questions!

The more we know, the better able we are to give you a true estimate.  Don’t be satisfied with a “ball park” estimate or a range … Once we know exactly what furnishings and household goods you are moving to your new location, we can provide you with the true costs for your move.  You can begin the process by sending us an ESTIMATE request.


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Local & Interstate Moves

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