Moving Tip Monday: Service Your Car

Before moving, you should consider getting your car serviced and tuned up one week prior to the date of your move.  Even if you’re moving a shorter distance, your car will likely be driven quite a bit and may be loaded up.  Plus after your move to your new location, you’ll likely have a lot errands to run to change your address, stock your cabinets and purchase other supplies.  In addition, it may take some time for you to find a new mechanic so it’s one less thing to worry about once you move.

Get a tune up, oil change, top off all fluids and make sure your tires are full and in good condition.  There is nothing worse than packing up your car and breaking down on the way to a new home.


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Moving Tip Monday


Start planning your move (if possible) 2 months ahead of time! By getting a head start you can begin planning for every detail and prioritize what needs to get done.  Pick your date of the move, start recruiting friends and family to help with packing and identify a moving company.

Then you can begin packing things that aren’t used frequently, like items in your attic, basement or garage.  Start sorting out your belongings and use this time as an opportunity to de-clutter your home.  Moving is a process and can be very time consuming.  By starting early it make the task less of a burden.

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