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Moving Tip Monday: Schedule Pick Ups from Charities

A few weeks prior to your move, contact local charities to schedule pick ups of large items and places you can donate other items you may be getting rid of. Many charities will pick up furniture, electronics and even metals.  If you have smaller items, like clothing, tools, decor, or kitchen tools, look for thrift […]

Moving Tip Monday: Create a Box of Bathroom Supplies

Pack a box of bathroom supplies you may use the day of the move to clean your former home and your new home.  You’ll likely need it when you’re moving, so put a box of handsoap, papertowels and TP aside to put in the bathroom in your new home! This box will then be one […]

Moving Tip Monday: Service Your Car

Before moving, you should consider getting your car serviced and tuned up one week prior to the date of your move.  Even if you’re moving a shorter distance, your car will likely be driven quite a bit and may be loaded up.  Plus after your move to your new location, you’ll likely have a lot […]


Moving, Packing & Storage, Central MA Moving Tip Monday PLAN AHEAD! Start planning your move (if possible) 2 months ahead of time! By getting a head start you can begin planning for every detail and prioritize what needs to get done.  Pick your date of the move, start recruiting friends and family to help with […]

How to Pack Your Clothes Like a Pro

Moving is often ranked as one of the most stressful life experiences, but it doesn’t have to be! Watch this video for helpful tips on how to pack your clothing before your next move. Before you start packing your clothing, it’s a good idea to go through your closets and dressers to find clothes that […]

Ten Top Reasons Why You May Need a Storage Solution

1) If you don’t have extra space in your home for storing household items you still want but don’t use very often: furniture, electronics, seasonal clothing, outgrown toys … 2) If you have a sports car or antique vehicle that needs a safe place to winter … 3) If you have business or household paperwork […]