A Happy Moving Day Gift Box is a Great Housewarming Gift

A Happy Moving Day Gift Box is a Great Housewarming Gift

A Happy Moving Day Gift Box is a great idea for a housewarming gift you can give to someone you know… packed with essentials your friends will need when they arrive at their new home!  

Packed with practical and fun items to help them settle into their new home, an essentials gift box is something you can put together that they will appreciate much more than a housewarming plant!  Place everything in a sturdy box or tote bag they can take with them and have at-the-ready upon arrival.

Something Sensible for a Moving Day Gift Box

Cleaning spray and a roll of paper towels for the inevitable cleaning task that occurs before the box of cleaning products is located. Hand soap in a pretty dispenser jar will be especially appreciated.

How about a scented candle that can remove any stale odors that may be present in a home that may have been shut up for a while? 

Something Kitchen-y

What might they be on the look-out for when surrounded by boxes waiting to be unpacked? A bottle opener will come in handy when they need a liquid libation while tackling the unpacking.

You might add a bottle of wine or champagne and two wine glasses so your friends can toast the occasion in style … and a couple of kitchen towels, just in case.

Some Snacks or a Meal

Too tired to even think about dinner, your friends will appreciate a few healthy snacks, such as:

  • granola
  • protein bars,
  • nuts,
  • fruit – fresh apples, grapes, or bananas

Perhaps a gift card for a local fast-food restaurant or pizzeria as well, so they can simply phone in an order before they get “hangry.”

An Essential Moving Day Gift: Water, please!

Moving is physical and water is essential. Pack a few bottles in your gift box or add a cooler with the bottles on ice!

Tools and such

Seasoned movers will know to pack a to-go box with essentials like a tape measure, a few tools, and a flashlight, but if your think these items may be overlooked, add them to your moving day gift box. Ayer Moving can also help you pack your essentials if needed.

Toiletry-Themed Moving Day Gift Box

These items may be hidden away in a box marked “Bathroom,” so you can consider adding them as well:

  • toothpaste
  • a few new toothbrushes,
  • shower gel,
  • washcloths,
  • sample size shampoo and conditioner
  • …and of course, a few rolls of the all-important toilet paper.

You can also get some great ideas to add to your gift basket on Pinterest. A Moving Day Gift Box is a thoughtful collection of essentials that will help avoid the frustration of “Where did I pack that?” on one of life’s very important, but stressful, events.