A Beginners Guide to Packing

A Beginners Guide to Packing

If you’ve decided not to hire professional packing services, and will be packing your own household goods for an upcoming move, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

The right cartons and packing materials are vital. Don’t think that banana boxes from the supermarket are good enough. Moving cartons are manufactured to withstand the rigors of moving. Ask your mover for some help in selecting the right sizes and types. Don’t forget unprinted newsprint, bubble wrap and heavy-duty tape.


Cushion boxes with paper. Wad up unprinted newsprint to create a cushion on the bottom of the box before packing. Fill empty spaces with more wadded up paper.


Don’t overcrowd boxes. Don’t pack them too heavily (especially boxes with books) and keep like items together.


Hang clothes for fewer wrinkles. Pack clothing in stand-up wardrobe boxes on hangers. Without overcrowding, clothes will hang straight and stay wrinkle-free.


Pack glassware upside down. Wrap glasses individually with two pieces of newsprint paper and stand upside down on end (not on their sides).


Pack dishes on their sides. Wrap dishes individually with two pieces of paper and stand on their ends (not flat)!


Specialty items need special cartons. Pack computers, lampshades, mirrors, flat screen TVs, pictures, and artwork in special cartons designed for them.


Organize room by room. To make unpacking easier, pack rooms separately and mark the room name on the top and sides of the box.


More on labels. A good idea is to use a label with, not only the name of the room prominently displayed, but also include your name, contract number and a brief description of what’s inside. Add “UNPACK FIRST” to the box with move-in essentials and only mark boxes “FRAGILE” if they truly are fragile!


Resist the temptation. Don’t pack paints, turpentine, aerosol cans, bleach, or flammable liquids. By law, movers cannot carry flammables. Properly dispose of them or give them away. You don’t want to risk a fire or damage to your belongings en route to your new home.


Packing for a move can be time-consuming. When getting estimates for a move, be sure to ask for one with and without packing. When you add in your time and effort and the cost of additional insurance you will need, you may find it is better to leave packing to the professionals. Ayer Moving and Storage will be pleased to talk to you about ways you can ensure a safe and secure move of your household. Call 1-800-233-MOVE or visit the website.