10 Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

10 Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

No matter how many glorified fantasies you have about that fresh start in a new house, it doesn’t change the fact that moving is a hassle. So, it’s important that you know all the moving tips and tricks out there to make your moving experience as quick and painless as possible. 

Pack an overnight bag

No matter what, there are going to be some things you need immediately after your move. Make sure you pack a bag of all of the essentials so you don’t find yourself missing something you need in the moment.

Use clothes as padding

Use socks for padding glass and small items and clothes for all of your packed dishes, you can not only save pack space but save money on bubble wrap.

Label your boxes

You might think you’ve got your boxing system down, but just in case, you should label your boxes not only with what’s in them but with what room they go in too. Even if you know in your head what goes where, with all those boxes being unpacked, anything that saves time is a good thing.

Use beer boxes for books

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But books are heavy and somehow they have to travel. Beer boxes have those built in handles on the side that will make carrying your books in and out of the moving truck a little less ominous.

Use any storing items you have

Suitcases, laundry baskets, beach bags, use it all. It’ll save you trips to the car, space in the van, and money on boxes.

Movers over friends

This may not always be the case but if you have a lot of valuable and fragile items, the cost to hire the movers and prevent damage might be well worth it.

Change your address at least two weeks before the move

You’d be surprised by just how many things require your address, especially when you’re moving. Changing your address in advance will help you prevent any mix-ups in the future.

Give your friends first dibs

Anything you plan on selling or donating, you should give your friends first dibs on. Anything that’s left that you want to sell should be posted on the website whether it be craigslist or eBay at least six weeks in advance to make sure it’s gone before you move.

Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before

Wipe up any moisture that’s left and make sure it’s defrosted. Packing it up before it’s warmed up could be detrimental to the machine and cause other damage while it travels.

Put masking tape on your mirrors

Mirrors are delicate. Everyone knows that so make sure you don’t forget it when you move. Ut masking tape over the glass to prevent it from shattering during the journey.

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