Moving in 2017? How to Plan Your Move

Moving in 2017? How to Plan Your Move

It’s only a couple of months in, but already 2017 is proving to be a dramatic time in the national news and world events. Perhaps that’s not on your list of concerns right now, and you’re more focused on getting your belongings from your old home to your new one. Have no fear, because the modern world has given you a lot of new tools. Moving in 2017 can be easier than it ever has been, but it requires a little effort to make it work.

Easily Available Moving Guides

Gone are the days when you need to physically visit businesses and office parks to get ahold of helpful brochures or documents. Our detailed moving guides are available for free on our website, such as our general overview guide on the common moving tasks you will need to address and how we can help you with them. We also have an essential checklist that will make sure you have all of your bases covered. This includes everything from ending your snow plowing contract to defrosting your freezer.


The smartphone era has given people who plan to move in 2017 a collection of free tools to help make relocating as easy as possible. From Google Maps to tracking apps to free apps, the number of digital tools people have at their disposal is phenomenal.

Most people know how important it is to label their moving boxes with a permanent market. Well, the smartphone app Sortly can provide a list of what is in every box, assuming you are willing to enter that information into your phone. There’s also a paid version that allows you to print out QR codes so you can scan individual boxes and read what’s inside them without opening them.

If you and your family members are working together on a complex checklist, consider making a shared document in a Google Spreadsheet. This will allow instant updates on each family member’s smart phone so the list can be updated dynamically and quickly.

Moving in 2017

Even with all of the exciting and powerful tools you have available, the fundamentals of moving still haven’t changed. You need to start planning six to eight weeks before your move-out date, and you will need boxes to pack your belongings and a truck to move them in. Someone will have to load and unload this truck. Your electricity will still need to be shut off at the old home and turned off at the new one.

It’s entirely up to you how many of these tasks you take on and how many you hire a moving company to perform. It’s common for busy, successful people to make their lives easier by hiring our workers to load the truck and drive it to the destination. People on a tighter budget can rent a truck from us and drive it themselves. It all depends on your circumstances.

People with even busier lives can hire our packing professionals to box up their possessions safely and ensure it arrives safely. People who want to pack for themselves can purchase all of the needed items from our store, including special boxes made to safely transport fragile household items and sturdy packing tape to hold the boxes together.

Regardless, whatever options you choose, you will benefit from starting with our moving tips brochure and utilizing our moving checklist to ensure every last task is taken care of. The modern world has made moving easier, but it still requires people to use the tools available to them.

Need More Help?

Do you still need help planning your 2017 move, such as needing a storage site to hold on to some of your belongings? You can reach us at 1-(800) 233-6683 or visit your local Massachusetts moving company to learn more about what we can do to help you.