Containers On Wheels

Containers On Wheels

COWS - Containers on Wheels #wemoveyouright


It is important to us that you have moving options. Ayer Moving & Storage offers Containers on Wheels (C.O.W.s) to give you even more alternatives than ever. COWs provides yet another temporary or long-term storage in  lockable, weatherproof containers. We’ll deliver to your driveway and you can store your possessions in this 100% steel-constructed container safely and at an affordable rate.

Containers On Wheels are available in either 8’ or 16’ containers and can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Garage full? Basement packed? Closets jammed?

In-between moves? COWs are ideal for staging your home for optimal showing and selling.

Painting and need a place to store furniture until the job is done? COWs can come to the rescue. You can keep the COW on your property or we will store it for you on our property.

Planning a local move and want to do it yourself? Pack up your Container on Wheels and when you are ready to move, we’ll load it onto our truck and deliver it to your new home!

Containers On Wheels


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Containers On Wheels

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